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I have an active life and I have limited times to rp, so when I’m available, I like to make use of the most of my time. I play and work all day, so when night rolls around, I pass out. I have to be up early the next day.

My partner admits to living on the internet. That’s fine with me as long as they’re happy. It would be really great for keeping in touch and rping. The problem is that they’re up all night and sleep through most of the next day. Then we never meet up because I’m not nocturnal, and by the time they’re up, I’m busy or working.

It wasn’t always like this. They had regular habits before but then changed. :(

This is my first partner in my same time zone. I got all excited because I thought it would be GREAT but then,  based on their sleep patterns, they’re even less available than my past partners who were hours ahead.

I’d like to find another partner but then they would get upset, but what else can I do? I want to RP but I can’t spent all night awake.

//ooc SHAME. 

Okay quick note for my followers. I work, but I’m currently off on Medical Leave for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (I’m a Firefighter Paramedic, if that clears things up a bit). I’m usually awake during the day, but I do have a habit of taking long naps in the late afternoon, and my medication makes me drowsy. So if it seems like I’m either A) not getting to your tag before some others or B) it takes me a day or two, it’s either because I only have the energy and motivation for a specific muse, or just. None at all. :3

But I love all you angels, and please, if I ever miss a tag, don’t hesitate to let me know!